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Eco Termales Hot Springs

Eco Termales Hot Springs, La Fortuna, Costa Rica The Eco Termales Hot Springs are a great choice for hot springs in the La Fortuna area. While the area's hot springs market is a bit crowded with big guns like Tabacón and Baldí in the mix, Eco Termales distinguishes itself as a quieter, more private, and more exclusive luxury hot springs destination. How do they accomplish this? Well, the exclusivity is illusory. Eco Termales only lets in 100 visitors at a time and requires guests to make a reservation for one of its three daily four-hour time intervals. Eco Termales certainly does not deny anybody the right to make a reservation, but the simple fact that you have to reserve a spot makes admission to the hot springs seem like a privilege. (That is at least how the manager on duty explained it to me) As privacy goes, the 100 maximum visitors is rarely reached, leaving guests plenty of room to roam in this modestly sized (modest only with respect to Tabacón and Baldí) hot springs oasis. This is definitely where Eco Termales excels. Here you will have the greatest probability of a quiet, relaxing hot springs dip without the interruption of a group of North American tourists with all the subtleties of a stampeding herd of wildebeast. (I kid the Americans. I am one myself)

Eco Termales Services, Prices

Eco Termales admission is a discount to other hot springs resorts around La Fortuna. Compare the $21 admission here vs. the $25 at Baldí ($17 if booked ahead at select hotels and travel agencies) and the whopping $45 at Tabacón. If you are a Costa Rican citizen or resident you pay only $10. Eco Termales also offers very nice meals for $13. You can schedule a time to dine when you check in, but the meal is optional. The drinks at Eco Termales are quite reasonably priced. Although they probably could gouge you with their cocktails, they don't. All alcoholic cocktails are $4 and national beers are $2. These prices are right in line with bars in La Fortuna and well below prices in Tabacón or Baldí.

How to get to Eco Termales

Eco Termales is only a few kilometers away from La Fortuna, up the hill towards the Arenal Volcano. I recommend taking a taxi. It will be about $5. If you are going on your own, make sure you don't pass up this poorly-marked locale. Eco Termales is right across the street from the Baldí Hot Springs and the popular night club, Volcán Look. The large wooden gate has no sign, looking like the private residence of an affluent Costa Rican. (This incognito appearance is part of a a marketing scheme that excludes most forms of what we know as...well, marketing. The business doesn't have a web site, doesn't promote their services through travel agencies, and nor do they have a web site. Whether smart or foolish, this conservative marketing effort is intentional, just another part of Eco Termales to develop a more private, exclusive feel.)

Check out our Hot Springs Comparison Chart to learn how Eco Termales against the other hot springs options around La Fortuna.